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Patrick and Jennifer shared their vows with family and a few close friends and this day would have to be defined by these three words

Intimate. Joyous. Spiritual.

This day will be cherished forever by our family. Our sister, Jennifer married the man of her prayers and we fell in love with their passion for each other within a matter of a day. These two live in Portland, Oregon and we see them once a year if we are lucky. This distance in time and space is not how you should measure the close friendship of this family. They chose to marry in front of the ones they see the least and miss the most. We praise God for Patrick and that he is our family now.

We truly witnessed a union. Our minds were present enough to fathom what we were witnessing as each part of the day unfolded. It was beautiful. 

Enough words, more pictures. They will speak on my behalf.




PS – Nathan and I drove back from photographing a wedding in Texas the same day! We were excited to wake up in the early hours for this day. Boy it’s fun being a wedding photographer! We are just so blessed that we didn’t miss it. I was honored to photograph the most radiant bride marry her groom. Every single wedding will hold a place in my heart but this one occupies more space than most. Thank you, you two for trusting me with this precious day. I love you both!

Vendor Credit. 

Diamonds and Dos LLC | Makeup by Melissa Britt | Charity Fent Cake Design 




“We got married at my family’s lake cabin. All my best memories growing up were there. We got to be free and live like kids with no worries.

I got to know my grandma there, got to know her heart. My parents spent their honeymoon there. So many things of importance for my family took place there.

There was no place more perfect to make vows for the rest of my life, and have my grandma’s ring put on my finger as a promise of forever and a promise to never forget my roots, and where I learned what love looks and feels like.”

-The Bride





“My favorite moment of the day for Patrick was seeing me leave the cabin.

My favorite moment was when the house got  quiet and everyone went outside to the wedding site, and I was left in the peaceful silence, and in those moments I knew God was in charge of it all.

And I knew it would be good.”

-The Bride

“I can see you now, I can see the love in your eyes. Laying yourself down, raising all the broken to life.” By Hillsong










Ephesians, 5:21, “Be subject to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

-The Groom’s favorite Bible verse

“We went to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada for our honeymoon! It was incredible!

I spent the first few days being really sick, and Patrick spent the first few days of our marriage nursing me. The views were beyond the scope of words, and I felt safe and happy.”

-The Bride

“I love her laugh”

-The Groom

“I love that Patrick takes care of me by doing things most people wouldn’t want to do.

Like every morning, he takes both dogs out for a walk in the cold dark and lets me stay in the warm bed. Then he kisses me as soon as he gets back.”

-The Bride

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