Keaton & Samantha Reed | Ziegler Photography | Destin, Florida Wedding


Bride’s favorite moment:

Our first look! when I saw him facing away from me and the anxiousness I got walking towards him as soon as I tapped him on the shoulder and saw his face as he looked at me it was just something magical, I’ve never seen him look so happy, it was such an emotional high.



“If Keaton could describe me in one word (he had a few suggestions before this but I’ll keep it appropriate) he said “fashionable”.. which to me is a huge compliment because there are some things he questions about what i wear when I walk out of the closet or sometimes I don’t think he notices a new outfit (which might be for the best, I do like my shopping) but that shows he actually is paying attention and appreciates my fashion sense.” – the Bride

Who said I love you first?


Groom’s favorite moment:

Seeing my bride walk down the aisle, I thought I would be able to hold it together since we had a first look before hand but I definitely got choked up seeing her and had to hold it together.


“I knew Keaton was my forever person when he told me having a family was his first priority- I┬ácan’t wait to see him as a dad!” -the Bride

Advice from Keaton & Samantha:

“always find a way to make each other laugh and keep the love young.”

-I don’t dance, but here I am spinning you round and round in circles, it ain’t my style but I don’t care I’ll do anything with you anywhere-

Keaton picked our first dance song that was the one thing he was persistent about and it describes his side of our relationship perfectly!

“One thing that attracted me to Keaton it’s his Drive to always be better in anything he does and he will never settle for anything less” – the Bride


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