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                                Christmas came early for me this year. Actually to be precise, it was when the mail lady rang our doorbell  this morning. I will confess that I may have  jumped up and down squealing when I saw the cute teal polka dot box on our doormat. Worthy of waking up my husband, I ran into our room and jumped our bed like a child opening this box. Our super-duper-funky-fresh business cards arrived! I’ll be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve totally geeked out over something like this! Is it normal to be obsessed with one’s own business cards? Rebranding has required quite a bit of creative thought and planning. There’s a lot of pressure creating a card that will convey your brand – YOU, basic information, and a taste of your work. We designed more cards that I care to say, on the quest to make the perfect ones. I was again paralyzed by my perfectionist nature, unable to finalize the design for fear of something not being exactly right.  I can so easily forget in the tunnel vision of perfectionism that I often just need to begin. You must take that first step so you know how to make things better, more honest and authentic. Well they turned out better than what I had imagined and I’m so pumped to pass out these puppies! I just snapped some shots on our front porch to show them off..

     Well – here to introduce to you, our new business cards!!! Let us know what you think!



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