Dylan & Bekah {Engaged}

Tell us about your proposal!

“Well, it happened on 12-13-14. So cool right! I (Bekah) knew that something was up the second that I saw him wearing jeans on a Saturday. But he of course swore nothing was going on. I had been eyeing my christmas tree for the last few weeks thinking that he just might do something using my tree. AND i was convinced he wouldn’t use it because of course I never found anything. We had just a normal Bekah & Dylan day watching some movies when I got the phone call from one of my dearest friends that she had just got engaged. And not 10 minutes later Dylan is telling me that the tree looks weird. So I being my stubborn self start arguing with him as he is wanting me to go look at the tree. I keep saying no and then realize what is going on….SO then I start crying while preceding to keep telling him no. I finally go to the tree and find a little snowman ornament hidden between the lights with my name written on it. By the time I got to the ornament and opened it up, Dylan was on one knee just waiting for me to answer “yes!” so that our new journey could begin.” – Bekah

What is your wedding date?

June 13, 2015

Where are you getting married?

Peabody Farm in Republic Missouri

Dylan, what is something you love about Bekah?

“One thing I love about Bekah is her strength. She has stood by me through the thick and the thin when life has thrown us curve balls. She has been such a blessing to me and is such an amazing motivator and supporter.”

Is Haha Tonka special to you in any way?

“We had our first “official” date at Haha Tonka! It was so wonderful to be back where we started!”

Have you been enjoying planning your wedding?

“Planning our wedding has been an absolute joy. It has been full of laughter and happy tears! We cannot wait for all of our plans to come into action on our special day!”

What was your favorite part of shooting your engagement session?

“Realizing how weird we are! There was so much laughter!”

Bekah, what is something you love about Dylan?

“His dimples, just kidding. But really though… He is the most selfless man that I have ever encountered. He continuously seeks after the Lord and strives to be the best that he can be. I truly am a blessed individual to get to be able to call him mine.”

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