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These two glowed for each other 100% of this session. They made my job easier than ever! Constant genuine smiles, sweet kisses, and loving looks. I loved their prop that incorporated their date and theme! We are so excited to shoot their wedding Fall 2016!

XO, Esther


“I would like to travel the world with you twice. Once, to see the world. Twice, to see the way you see the world.” -Author Unknown



The first memory I have of Corbin is pretty cold. Literally. He threw a snowball at my face while we were out hiking with a mutual friend. I was 15, he was 16, and he had a car. Somehow, despite the snowball (and maybe because of the car), I agreed to be his girlfriend. Seven years later, here we are! -Hayley



In a way, we grew up together. His family is my family and my family is his. -Hayley



The inspiration for many elements of our wedding comes from our love of travel and adventure. – C&H2015-07-31_0040



The biggest challenge Hayley and I have faced is having a seemingly constant long-distance relationship. We each have had numerous opportunities that have resulted in us spending extended periods of time apart. Where many other relationships would have failed, ours flourished as we came to value our time together even more. Our relationship has proven to be anything but standard and we have come to embrace the craziness in each other. We find ourselves at home in the outdoors and are always looking for the next adventure we can share. -Corbin

^^^How sweet!! <32015-07-31_0043


Last year I was away for three months studying abroad in Spain. Then I was offered my dream internship in Switzerland and I was on a plane back to Europe for the summer after only a short time at home. As amazing as my experiences were, it was really hard to feel like we were always saying “goodbyes.” I just wanted to take him with me! So now I have all of these amazing place I want to visit again together. -Hayley2015-07-31_0049


Our first big adventure as husband and wife will be moving to Colorado! Hayley will be moving to Boulder this August to start graduate school while Corbin works here in Springfield as an ER Nurse. We hope he’ll get to move out west soon after the wedding! -Hayley2015-07-31_0057


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