Alright everyone, now that the cats out of the bag it’s time to share our space with you!

We are so proud of this new milestone for our photography business. We can now provide the complete experience we desire clients to receive. One on one attention and the ability to show all the gorgeous products we offer are just a couple things we are looking forward to. At the beginning of September we signed a lease for this space and were given complete creative freedom to do whatever we would like. Knowing exactly what we wanted, we began designing our space to showcase our brand. Nathan dug his heels in and stayed up into the weeeee hours of the morning night after night, tearing up carpet, painting, laying flooring, and installing trim. All while I found the wall art and furniture to fill our space. Marissa was a great helper as well! She loved watching the process with us. Thanks for all the support and encouragement!


We are proud to announce we are located at 3863-B S. Campbell Ave. Springfield, Missouri 65619 (across from Krispy Kreme, between The Candy House and The Boardwalk)


Here is a few snapshots of the process! 🙂 Fun stuff.



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