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Nearly 10 years ago is when Mackenzie and I started dreaming together of ‘one day’ when we would know our person. I’ve been able to picture her person altogether for a decade and it makes my heartbeat still and shallow when I think of these two and that they have found each other. He was real after all! Complete perfection, these twoDo you have any idea how hard it is to express my heart and avoid the cliche, predictable, oh-so-cheesy words I could say? Capturing the joy and sheer beauty of this chapter has filled me with honor. Mackenzie, my true soul sister has found the one whom her soul loves. Nathan and I are so blessed to live life along side this dynamic pair. The combined qualities of these two are astonishing and they will do marvelous things.

We LOVE you two and your beautiful spirits!





Love each other like each day is your last. Place God first, your significant other second and yourself last. Pray together. Read the Bible together. Serve together.

Ricky and I are better together. He is gentle but strong. He is loving and kind. He makes me want to be a better person and calms me down in my worst moments. He makes me smile so easily and soothes my heart in the best ways. I had no idea what love could be until I met him. He cherishes me like I am a gift and continually looks out for the best things for our future marriage. I can’t wait to be his wife! 🙂


A few weeks before I popped the big question I call my friend Jeff Rose to talk shooting the proposal for us. I had asked him him to bring his girlfriend along as well so Mackenzie wouldn’t suspect anything.

My plans for the proposal were to hike the Hawksbill Crag trail in Arkansas. A few days before the hike Jeff asked me if our friends Tyler and Rebecca could come as well. It was great to know that it would all be a surprise.

The day of the hike I was nervous, but I had no idea really how nervous I would be till the time came to ask her. When the time came I didn’t know what to do and almost froze. When I finally did ask her it just didn’t seem real that whole day, it felt like a dream.


After that day, I joke that Ricky wouldn’t leave me alone. From that time on we talked or texted every day until we started our long distance relationship on September 1. For the next nine months we spent every other weekend driving the same three-hour route between Springfield and Russellville. It was extremely hard on both of us. We missed each other every day we were apart until Ricky made the selfless decision to move to Springfield in June of 2015.

Ricky is my greatest surprise. We met on August 2, 2014. I saw him for the first time at the Farmer’s Market in Springfield. He was visiting from Arkansas for the weekend and we met through a mutual friend, even though we had been following each other a few months on Instagram. We went to lunch with a group and then walked around downtown with my friend Ashel. I showed him some neat places including the Jefferson Footbridge, which is one of the places we took engagement photos

I love how hard she works at everything, her love for God, how much she puts others need before hers, and how much she loves unconditionally. – Ricky

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