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The search for a solid groomsmen gift can often be painstaking as is always the delicate balance between something that is unique and fun while also capturing confidence that it will always be something useful. The age old adage of being better in theory than reality can often be applied to a groomsmen gift. Us guys get really excited seeing some out of this world wacky gift that seems super cool, yet when it’s sitting on your table, you then ask yourself when the heck you’re going do with it. Bring forth the Prohibition Flask. Often enough a flask is a flask is a flask. While one certainly can be useful, it can also be a pretty stock gift without some imagination. And boy, does the Prohibition Flask have imagination. Ripped right out of an era when moonshine was the liquor of choice, it this thing captures a look and feel that resembles the old bootlegging days, a time that all guys appreciate. The days of mustaches and top hats, cool old cars and county borders is part of the charm of what this flask represents. Hence the Prohibition Flask has a bit of rebel in it, a clarity that allows you to see and appreciate what you’re downing and an old school ambience that will inspire any guy. While most of us guys don’t need any more inspiration to drink, this little charmer is a gift that will give your man a way of doing it vintage. It’s a really cool gift that kicks aside the stigma of the boring old flask and provides the kind of spin that a guy will appreciate and likely have never seen before.

Head on over to and check out the other personalized groomsmen gifts they offer!

We personally love their  ultimate leather travel kit & Gentlemen’s journal.

( Brides, just throwing this out there but I (esther) think I’ve got birthday presents planned out for Nathan’s lifetime! ;] They make great “groom” gifts as well! )





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